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Courses and workshops can be arranged for groups who provide the organisation of participants and venue or on-line platform access. Contact to discuss your group needs.

We are NOT running any open access courses in Ireland currently. We are exploring conducting on-line sessions.

BEST Services provides courses and short sessions for initial and continuing education, and for skill development. Courses are provided with open registration as well as in-house training commissioned by health services and other organisations. Specialised sessions can be designed to meet the requirements of the group. Quiet babes in arms are welcome. The concentration required during the course makes it unsuitable for mobile babies or older children to attend.

Courses for:
- midwives, neonatal and paediatric nurses
- lactation consultants, doctors
- public health nurses, practice nurses, general nurses
- dietitians, health promotion officers
- volunteer mother supporters, childcare workers
- pharmacy, health food and baby shop assistants
- educators of health workers, administrators, policy makers
- parent groups, teachers and others

BEST Services courses provide quality education, value for money, experienced facilitators, and administrative efficiency. Read more: Why chose a BEST Services course? Others might try to copy our courses but don’t match our quality and experience. Book a BEST Services course today.

Sitting the IBLCE exam? Most of our courses help towards fulfilling the education requirements. IBLCE does not set a course to prepare for the exam. Many candidates already have hours of education and do not want to use time and money to repeat topics that they already know. BEST Services courses are arranged so that you pick those topics that you need to know more about and only attend those. Information on how a course can help to meet the IBLCE Blueprint for pre-exam education, the learning objectives and outlines are provided on the booking page for each course. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your learning needs.

Some of our courses are listed here. Courses on other topics and lengths can be developed to suit individual needs. Sections of courses also can be presented as individual sessions at a conference or other education setting.

CONTACT US to discuss venues and dates, to arrange a study day, workshop or course specific to the needs of your organisation.

More about past courses provided by BEST Services:

Training materials by BEST Services principals (free download) - visit the Research and Publications page