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Research and publications by Genevieve Becker BEST Services (selected)

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Publication in peer reviewed journals (selected)
  • Ryan-Fogarty Y, Becker G, Moles R, O’Regan B. Development and pilot testing of a tool to examine environmental aspects of infant feeding in maternity hospitals. (Submitted to journal Sept 2017)
  • Ryan-Fogarty Y, Becker G, Moles R, O’Regan B. Backcasting to Identify Food Waste Prevention and Mitigation Opportunities for Infant Feeding in the Maternity Service. Waste Management January 2017 View
  • Becker GE, Smith HA, Cooney F . Methods of milk expression for lactating women. (Review) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016 update.View
  • Smith HA, Becker GE. Early additional food and fluids for healthy breastfed fullterm infants. (Review) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2011, 2014, 2016 update.View
  • Becker G, Ryan-Fogarty Y. Reliance on Pumped Mother’s Milk Has an Environmental Impact. Children (3) 2016. View
  • Becker G. The Potential Impact of Reliance on Expressed Milk Feeding for Maternal and Child Health, editorial. Children (3) 2016. View
  • Becker GE. Does the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) make a difference in Ireland? National Institute of Health Sciences Research Bulletin 3(4):43, Feb 2013. View (page 43)
  • Becker GE, Roberts TE. Do we agree? Using a Delphi technique to develop consensus on skills of hand expressionJournal of Human Lactation 25:2, 2009 View
  • Connolly C, Kelleher CC, Becker G, Friel S, NicGabhainn S. Attitudes of young men and women to breastfeeding. Irish Medical Journal, 91 (3): 88-89, 1998. View
  • Becker GE, Breastfeeding Knowledge of Hospital Staff in Rural Maternity Units in Ireland. Journal of Human Lactation 8 (3): 137-142, 1992. View
  • Sonego M, Pellegrin MC, Becker G, Lazzerini M. Risk factors for mortality from acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) in children under five years of age in low and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. PLoS ONE 2015, 10(1): e0116380. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0116380 View
  • Letters and book reviews also published in peer reviewed journals

Other publications

  • Ten Steps and Code – audit tools for the BFHI in Ireland 2015
  • Standards and criteria for a Baby Friendly Primary Care Services View
  • Co-author Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-school Services, Health Promotion Unit, Dept of Health, 2004. View
  • Assessing health worker performance in assisting a mother to learn the skills of hand expression of milk. PhD thesis, Medical Education Unit, University of Leeds.View
  • Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Ireland Journal of Health Gain, 5 (2), 9-10. 2001 View
  • Moving from milk to family foods. Nursing in the Community, Nov/Dec, 2003 View
  • Weaning Your BabyHealth Matters, Spring 2012 

Commissioned reports

  • Fallon M and Becker GE. Interim report of the National Committee on Breastfeeding, May 2003. Health Promotion Unit, Department of Health and Children, Dublin.View
  • Becker GE, Boyle, C. A review and scoping out of the implications for extension of the Baby-friendly Initiative to community health care settings in Ireland. Report of Project to HSE Population Health (Health Promotion) Directorate, December 2007. BEST Services, Galway. View Extract.
  • Becker GE, Mumford S, Cahill G. Report to the National Breastfeeding Strategy Implementation Committee on the current breastfeeding education and training of relevant health workers and recommendations to the Committee with regard to setting national standards for the provision of best evidence based breastfeeding education and training. March 2010. View

Conference posters/abstracts

  • Becker GE & Smith HA. Do cross-over trials give accurate results? Health and Social Care Professionals annual research conference, Dublin April 2015. View poster
  • Ryan-Fogarty Y, Becker G. The importance of exclusive breastfeeding in preventing waste in maternity hospitals. Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland Annual Conference 2017, Limerick; Advancing Breastfeeding Research and Practice, Ulster University, Jordanstown, November 2017. View poster
  • Becker GE, Smith HA, Cooney F. Methods of Milk Expression for lactating women: Cochrane Systematic Review (2016 update) Advancing Breastfeeding Research and Practice, Ulster University, Jordanstown, November 2017. View post
  • Becker GE, Valuing views of clients in setting standards and assessing performance of students. Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, Paediatric Study Day, Tallaght, Dublin. September 2008
  • Becker G, Woolridge, M, Roberts TE. Assisting mothers to develop skills of milk expression – is there agreement on what are these skills? multiple events
  • Becker G, Woolridge, M, Roberts TE. What are the skills of hand expression? Poster abstract at the Annual Conference of the International Lactation Consultant Association, 2005. Journal of Human Lactation 21(4), 491, 2005. View Poster
  • O’Brien N, Becker G, Barrett C, Glynn L, Naughton D. Are GPs discussing breastfeeding with their pregnant patients – a pilot study of postnatal mothers? Poster abstract at the Annual Conference of the International Lactation Consultant Association, Journal of Human Lactation 24(1), 105, 2008 View

Published Education Materials 

  • Responsive infant and young child feeding. Resource module for home visitors, International Step by Step Association, The Netherlands on behalf of UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office. 2016
  • Critical Appraisal of Research, on-line advance practice course, Health e-Learning, Brisbane, Australia 2010, updated 2015 now Montreal, Quebec (password needed)
  • IBCLC Day Resource Packs, 2011 Shaping the Future, 2012 IBCLCs Make an Impact, 2013 Connect with the Experts-IBCLCs. International Lactation Consultant Association
  • Breast is Best, Study materials to accompany the DVD from the Norwegian Resource Centre for Breastfeeding 2010.
       Self-Study pack Download
       Facilitator’s Guide for group discussions Download 
  • Editor, Newsletter of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Ireland with Parent handouts. Three to four issues a year, can be viewed at
  • BFHI materials:Revised, Updated and Expanded for Integrated Care UNICEF/WHO 2006
  • Complementary Feeding Counselling: a training course WHO 2003
  • Nutritional Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS – materials for course facilitators WHO/FAO 2003
  • Contributor to: Living well with HIV/AIDS: A manual on nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) 2002
  • Maternal Nutrition, chapter in Lactation Consultant Core Curriculum Guide, ed. Walker, M. Barlett & Jones, USA, 2001
  • HIV and Infant Feeding Counselling: a training course. WHO/UNICEF/UNAIDS 2000.
  • Quality in Action, distance learning module, Editor, Open Training College, Dublin 2000
  • Breastfeeding Promotion and Support - materials for health professionals. ed. Becker & Kelleher. Centre for Health Promotion Studies, University College Galway, Ireland 1997. (Self-study pack)
  • Modules in, Caring for the Carer, in Certificate in Social Care, ed. Kelleher and O'Donovan. Centre for Health Promotion Studies, University College Galway, Ireland 1995. (Distance education)
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